Solving with Rotomolding

Launch of a new product

We have developed a smooth multi-step process to achieve the best possible result in product and service development.

1. Definition of product idea

At this stage, a common understanding of what the product should look like and what functions it should perform is agreed with the customer.

2. Planning of production

We assess and choose the most suitable mould, accessory and support process solutions to ensure that our customers receive a final product solution that meets all their needs.

3. Production, testing and approval of moulds

Moulds are manufactured either by us or by one of our partners specialised in mould production. Once the moulds are ready, we will make test products. If the customer is happy with the results, the final solution will be approved.

4. Production

Production will start based on the approved product solution. We perform a wide array of different after-treatment procedures and offer packaging and storage solutions as well as organise transport to the desired location.

5. Continuous improvement

Product development continues even in the later stages of production and all the necessary changes in processes are continuously implemented.

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Why choose Rotosolve as your partner?

Rotosolve represents 17 years of customer-oriented experience in the outsourcing of production.

We manufacture products that range from very simple to highly complex products that consist of multiple elements and require the use of different processes.

The three qualities that best characterize us are: trustworthiness, easygoing and versatility.

You do not need to be an expert in rotational technology to work with us. It is enough if you can simply define the problem for us. Our team will take care of the rest.


  • Product weight from 200 g to 250 kg
  • Dimensions up to a diameter of 3,500 mm
  • Quantities from 1 pc to 5,000 pcs per year or even more
  • A wide range of different colours
  • An extensive selection of plastics with different properties

Additional processes:

  • production and maintenance of moulds
  • casting of inserts
  • cutting of openings
  • welding of plastics
  • filling with polyurethane foam or EPS
  • assembly of final product
  • packaging
  • storage·  organisation of transport to destination