Trash bins

Trash bin Smily Barrel

Trash bin Smily Barrel is made of waste from our production. The barrel is left over when raw materials are used up and the top plastic cover is made of the leftover plastic waste. By doing so, we reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce waste pollution elsewhere. The capacity of Smily Barrel is 200 litres. When a trash bag is placed into it, it snaps into place thanks to the “smiling” dome.

The openings of the dome are designed so that the rain does not get inside the box and the wind does not spin trash out of the bin. Smily Barrel is suitable for use both on forest sports tracks, as well as for larger public events and public buildings. The standard colors for the top dome are black and marble and for the barrel are black and green. If you want, we can use other colors and add pictures, logos or object names. See the attachment for dimentions.

Trash bin yellow-green
Trash bin green-grey

Trash bin 180 litres

The trash bin 180 litres is suitable for indoor use. The bin is made of recycled plastic and standard color is black. Although, all colors are available for use. The bin has wheels mounted underneath for easy handling. Trash is thrown from the top hole. The trash bag is secured with a cover ring mounted at the top. See the attachment for dimentions.

Trash bin
Trash bins