Eccua Pro OÜ was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of fire hydrants. Eccua progressed in the field of infrastructure with the manufacturing of underground equipment. In 2005, as a logical follow-up, we invested in rotational molding technology as Rototec OÜ, which was a part of the Eccua group.

Later we changed our name to Frog Plastic OÜ and today we are operating under the name Eccua Pro OÜ as a result of a merger.

We use the Rotosolve trademark for services and products related to rotational molding technology.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to provide the best partnership based on the rotational molding technology in both Estonia and the Scandinavian market.

During our 15 years of operation, we have developed significantly and received recognition from our clients. We have developed long-term and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, which have only grown stronger over the years.

Right now we have 3 rotational units, with which we are able to produce a large number of products in both size and quantity. The maximum product size is currently 3.5 m in diameter.

Our clients operate in the following sectors:

  • Maritime – floating bridges, buoys, pontoons, etc
  • Environmental construction – tanks, wells, pipe fittings, pumping stations, separators, etc
  • Environmental economics – waste bins, outdoor toilets, liquid waste reservoirs, etc
  • Agriculture – beverage containers, feed containers, liquid transport containers, water collection tanks, etc
  • Design – elements of public space, furniture, lighting, playgrounds, toys
  • Mechanical engineering – tanks, equipment covers, various details
  • Road safety – roadblocks, sandboxes, etc

Assistance in all stages of product development

We provide assistance in all stages of product development, from product design and mold making to product casting, assembly and various logical solutions.

We have a professional team that will find a solution to any problem that arises. Eccua Pro OÜ’s quality management system is ISO 9001 certified and was first certified in 2006.