Road barriers

Eccua Pro manufactures traffic barriers. We currently offer barriers in two different sizes. Eccua Pro barriers are lightweight, easy to store and transport, and easy to handle. The products are filled with sand or water to increase weight. Barriers can be connected into a sequence. The products are weather and UV-proof. As the standard solution we produce white and red roadblocks, but all colors are available.

Barrier H 800

Traffic barrier H 800 is suitable for traffic on roads and streets where their visibility is required. Due to the barriers being relatively high, the barrier is always visible to the driver. Flashes and reflectors can be added to the products. The products are double-walled, hollow inside and can be stored on top of each other to save space.

Barrier H 500

Road barrier H 500 is suitable as a barrier for both roundabouts and parking lots. Reflectors can be added to the product. Due to the bottom being relatively wide, and if it is also filled with filler material, this barrier is quite stable against strong winds trying to push it over.