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Maritime products make one of our main product groups. This includes various buoys and pontoons. We mainly outsource our maritime products to various bridge and port equipment companies. However, over time, we have produced a number of our own products, which will continue to grow. In the making of maritime products, we use UV-resistant materials starting with UV value of 8 for sun-exposed products and at least 7-8 (light-fasteness) for added pigments, which is satisfactory for Northern / Central Europe. If necessary, we also use materials and pigments with higher safety factors. Maritime products are always sealed with a waterproof structure to increase buoyancy. The openings are sealed with welded caps. In order to decrease sinking, we also fill many products with non-absorbent expanded EPS-100 granules or polyurethane foam. We produce a wide range of customer specific maritime products . By agreement with our clients we do not sell these products to third parties.



✔ Unsinkable

✔ UV-stable

✔ Durable


✔ Tenacious

✔ UV-resistant

✔ Long-lasting